About Us


Our Goal

Group X is a strategic communications company passionate about inspiring an audience, creating a buzz, or communicating a vision. Sometimes that calls for an extravaganza, sometimes just a whisper. We're good at both. Over the years Group X has helped a diverse group of iconic, global brands increase sales, build loyalty and improve performance.  Our goal is to do what it takes to make your vision a reality.


Our Process

Our process is a potent mix of strategy and creativity. First we hone in on that illusive X-factor. Then we write the scripts, produce the media, design the stage and what goes on it. Everything is executed flawlessly to connect your audience and your message in a way that's fresh, powerful and memorable. And afterwards we'll evaluate our success to ensure you received superior ROI... Return on Inspiration.


Our Team

We have a core team of experts in the San Francisco Bay Area and we can tap our national and international pool of talent to put together the perfect team for your project.